Our Process

3 + 1 = Brand Power

A powerful brand is conceived in three separate, but unvarying, steps: one, craft a brand strategy – two, create a brand identity – three, introduce the brand to the world through thoughtful brand implementation. These three steps are essential. Together, they form a solid, three-legged marketing stool. Skip one step … the brand is likely to teeter and fall. Our process is proven.

Add brand management, also a proven MARK Corporate Branding capability, and the brand can become the heart of your marketing strength. 3 + 1 = Brand Power.

Brand Strategy

We begin by listening. We want to know your perceptions and your client’s perceptions of your company or organization. Then we ask questions – lots of them. We learn the fundamental ideas and dreams that you hold about your company. Then we add pertinent information, like audience profiles, market conditions and the positions of competitors. Only then do we begin the creative process.

Brand Identity

Creating a corporate identity never begins as a brainstorm or graphic design free-for-all. It begins with a thorough understanding of the brand strategy and its target market. Then, your ideas, your guidance and your expectations are given inescapable visual life.

We love big visual ideas. We also love well-reasoned brands that work well in all media. We give our clients both, plus, we formalize all the design decisions that we have made along the way in a guideline document that helps maintain the integrity of the brand through even the most rigorous marketing challenges.

Brand Implementation

Customers, company associates, and vendors need to know about the new brand. Of course, you can roll out the new look on business communication material right away. Simultaneously, however, we can help you host a brand launch celebration. It’s a great opportunity to get everyone on board and with the unbridled enthusiasm that a new brand can generate.

Following the launch, MARK will host workshops for employees and vendors to educate them about the brand and the correct use of its elements. We also help you communicate with your clients and the industry-at-large. Press releases, direct mail and advertising all can be used to introduce the brand. We want everyone to know your brand.

Brand Management

A new brand must be babied. It must be monitored and continually cared for. New employees and new vendors need to be educated and the constant stream of materials generated to support the brand need to be monitored and approved. And, even the best implementation plan may not anticipate the challenges a new brand may face. MARK Corporate Branding is in a unique position to help.

It just makes sense. Because of our rigorous development process, we know the brand and its goals inside and out. So, many of our clients invite us to help them manage the brand so that it can become the undiluted, marketing focal point that it was created to be. Click here to learn more about Plus-1 Brand Management.

Logos Calisthenics

We take logo design seriously. It is not for the faint of heart. It takes work. It requires honest participation on the part of everyone involved. The perfect logo is one that we designed, but client suggestions made better.

Here are the rules we live by:

Memorize, internalize and abide by the brand strategy. Random thoughts and knee-jerk opinions beyond the Brand Strategy will lead you astray.

Start with a one-color logo. Then move to a two-color logo. Then go to full color. By doing so, you have an on-purpose mark that works perfectly well everywhere.

Avoid multi-media dilution. Logos are printed big in ads and small on pens and lapel pins. They may be foil stamped on executive stationery and embroidered on Polo shirts and pixilated on the Internet. They must work in all media, without modification. Variations weaken the brand.

The logo’s typeface is exclusive. The typeface is the graphic underpinning of the logo, it should never be used again … anywhere. Not in literature. Not in advertising. Not on the Web. Not on a coffee mug. Uniqueness rules. Commonness dilutes.

Plus-One Brand Management