Rethink, rebrand and rebound.

Opportunistic thinking enabled us to help PAS to make their mark. The company resurfaces worn metal surfaces, like oil rig drill bits, printing press rollers and fan blades. Did we say fan blades?

Yes, we did. The largest income producer for the company was the aviation industry, which sent jet engines to them for refurbishing. We believed the company could excel if it identified totally with the aviation industry; i.e., to present themselves as a player on the same team in a very specialized high-tech, fast-paced industry.

The strategy worked. Today, their identity is established and we help maintain it with marketing material that sells. Interestingly, the smaller markets remain vital, as well. If you can refurbish a jet engine fan blade, you can certainly refurbish a drill bit.

Co-Promotion Success

MARK Corporate Branding did more than design a new logo. They helped define a brand and a successful marketing direction for our company.

Philip F. Milazzo, CEO PAS Technologies