Unforgettable marketing leads to unqualified success.

Nufarm had a solid identity. So did Dow Chemical. Our job was to build a special one for a co-packed and co-branded product that fights fungal disease in pecans.

We addressed a serious problem in a humorous, unforgettable way. Based on the actual names of various fungal diseases – Nut Scab, Leaf Scab, Sooty Mold and Powdery Mildew – we created a gang of ruffians that would frighten even the most seasoned pecan grower. We turned them loose to sell the Argritin/Enable© co-pack.

Nufarm wanted to improve market share to about 12%. With our help, they captured nearly 45% of the $12 million market and cleared dealer shelves of inventory.

Identity Handled with Care

This was a complex marketing challenge. These perceptive and creative people made it simple. That is why it succeeded.

Tim Stoehr, Director of Marketing, Nufarm Americas, Inc.