Remain “on brand” with MARK Corporate Branding.

Our wide range of services remains vital because we continually ask a simple question: “Is it on brand?” Everything we do must contribute to the value of your brand. Our faith in our process for brand-building success helps us do that.

Still, we know that you might not need everything at a single point in time, and welcome the chance to work with you on any part of your brand development journey. Check out the service categories below.

  • Brand Strategy

    • Market research
    • Brand research
    • Company research
    • Client loyalty research
    • Analysis and strategy development

    Brand Identity

    • Logo design
    • Identity design
    • Brand usage guidelines
  • Brand Implementation

    • Brand launch
    • Events and celebrations
    • Media kits
    • Brand workshops
    • Social media brand marketing

    Brand Management

    • Employee communications
    • Press releases
    • Copywriting
    • Web design
    • Advertising
    • Literature
    • Annual reports
    • Direct mail
    • Social media monitoring
    • Media buying

Planning and Implementation