Stay in step with Plus-1 Brand Management

We think it just makes sense to ‘dance with the one who brung ya.’ We can help you promote your products and enhance your brand. Advertising, literature preparation, Web site development – we do it all. We call it Plus-1 Brand Management.

When we create a brand and write the guidelines for its use, we automatically learn and understand the goals and objectives of our clients. We learn about client products and mandates and market nuances. We develop an intrinsic ability to move with the beat of the particular marketplace. So, we are uniquely positioned to maintain and market the brand. Plus-1 Brand Management capitalizes on each client’s educational investment in MARK Corporate Branding. And that is a powerful and very astute way to do business.

Of course, if you already have a solid brand and find yourself without a promotional partner, we would love to have the next dance. You will be surprised how well we follow your lead.

Take a look at the promotional success we have had with others:

What we believe

Branding rules – It influences everything from advertising to public relations to employee morale. It must be handled with care.

3 + 1 = Brand Power – Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Brand Implementation are compulsory, interlocking steps. Plus-1 Brand Management is a powerful and astute way to do business.

Brand change should be market driven – Change is good, but not always. If the market demands it, do it. Otherwise, think twice.

Assumptions should be challenged – Take the time to question. “Build it and they will come” only works in the movies.

3 + 1 = Brand Power